Confident Clinician Cooperative – for Speech Pathologists and other voice practitioners.
Who We Are

South Tampa Voice Therapy is a specialized speech pathology practice committed to serving the Tampa Bay community with comprehensive voice assessment and treatment, as well as assessment and treatment of cognitive-linguistic deficits and swallowing difficulties.

Our practice has long experience in treating voice, speech, and cognitive disorders arising from Parkinson’s Disease, utilizing the clinically approved LSVT LOUD and SPEAK OUT! approaches, with the goal of promoting and maintaining functional patient communication.

Together with our patients and the medical community, we overcome challenges created by illness, aging, overuse, even allergies. This includes care of the performing voice, pediatric voice disorders, the aging voice, vocal cord dysfunction and chronic cough.

You will, of course, want to read about the licensing, credentials and continuing education that support South Tampa Voice Therapy’s ability to care for you or your loved one. That information is available here on this site.

We create awareness in the Tampa Bay community by speaking at events that showcase the special communication needs of people with a wide variety of speech disorders or challenges.

Click here to watch an interview entitled “Get Your Voice Back.” In this interview Cara Bryan addresses the needs of those who use their voices as teachers, singers, speakers, and even parents.

Click here to read an interview entitled “The Unity of Voice and Identity” as Cara Bryan speaks with a 22-year-old transgender woman. As Cara notes, “This interview was conducted following speech therapy for voice and communication modification, to bring pitch, resonance, intonation pattern, articulation, body language, laughing, and even coughing into alignment with identity.”