Diagnosis: Singing vocal difficulties

I am a full time gospel singer so my voice is very important to me. About two years ago I started having trouble with my voice….. With such a busy schedule I ignored it and push it harder and harder until I developed a nodule on my vocal cords. I went to Vanderbilt Vocal Center and they told me it would go away with proper vocal therapy. I was visiting Tampa Florida and my doctor recommended Cara to me while I was there. I knew that she could help me after the first session. She was very patient and from a singer’s point of you she understood how to help me regain my voice. With all of the traveling that I do we found a way to do a video therapy session so that I could stay with her and not have to find someone else in whatever state I was in.

I highly recommend Cara. She is very knowledgeable in her profession. And I have to admit my schedule was not always easy to deal with but she found a way to make it happen. Although my singing voice has come back. I still want to continue vocal training with her so that I can take extra special care of my voice!

— Annette P.