Diagnosis: Speaking difficulties

Cara is Awesome!

“9 years ago I was the lone survivor of a high speed head on collision that sidelined me for nearly two years. I was a public speaker/singer and was actually on my way to one of my concerts when the accident happened. Traumatic brain injury caused me to stutter so badly that I could barely get my words out. It also caused me to utter loud, uncontrollable Tourettes-like noises.

Part of my overall therapy included speech therapy with Cara so I could try to regain my ability to speak without stuttering, gather my breath control and be functional again. I had no idea if I would ever speak or sing in public again – I was just hoping to have some sense of normalcy.

When I first came to Cara, I was embarrassed and frustrated to say the least. But she made me feel at ease from day one, and she was so patient and understanding of my plight. She was not only a great speech therapist, but a great encourager. I made tremendous progress under her guidance. We had to start with her re-training me to read simple books just to re-learn my breath control, then we were able to make significant advances from there. Cara was there to shepherd me, guide me, challenge me, calm me when I got frustrated, and most of all to express her belief in me.

It takes a special person to accomplish what Cara did in my recovery. I will forever be thankful for her taking on such a tough task. I am happy to say that within a few months of my therapy, I was able to put long sentences together with no stuttering or noises, within a year I was back to doing a little public speaking, and within 2 years I was fully recovered and back on tour singing and speaking!

I highly recommend Cara for your speech therapy needs. She’s not only great at what she does, but you will be hard pressed to find somebody that takes more of an interest in you as a human being, cares about you, and treats you with dignity when you are at your lowest. Thank you Cara, for allowing the good Lord to use your skills to help get me through what had to be the toughest time of my life and come out stronger than ever!”

— Charlie B.